What to do if you disturb a nest containing baby hedgehogs

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What to do if you disturb a nest containing baby hedgehogs

Post  The Hedgehog Lady on Tue Jan 12, 2010 2:22 pm

First of all - DON'T PANIC!

If a hedgehog nest with mother and young is accidentally disturbed, do not handle the young or she may abandon or even kill them. Replace as much of the nesting material as possible with a stick so as not to leave your scent, and if the Mum has deserted the nest then watch from a distance to see whether she returns. A high pitched, bird-like piping sound coming from a nest means that something has happened to Mum and the young hoglets are in distress. If you think the baby hedgehogs have indeed been abandoned or if they are in immediate danger, place the orphans somewhere warm and quiet preferably indoors and away from children or pets, then ring the Rescue Centre for advice.
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